V2 Cigs Beginners Kit.

The V2 Cigs beginner’s kit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. In some cases, V-2 Cig beginners kits have actually helped some people to kick the smoking habit altogether. However, the beginner’s kit is not sold or marketed as something to help a person quit or curb their existing smoking habit.

V2 kits are designed to help smokers switch from regular cigarettes to electronic smoking. Electronic cigarettes are said to not be as harmful to one’s health when compared to classic cigarettes. V2 starter kits are sometimes called “newbie’s”.

V2 beginner kits are quite affordable and can be purchasedV2-Cigs-Beginners-Kit for under $35.00. The contents of the V2 kits contain one disposable E-cig, six cartridges of menthol or tobacco, automatic battery as well as USB adaptor. The V2 cartridges in the beginner’s kit normally contain between 1 and 1.8% nicotine.

The E-cig contained within the beginner’s package is good for about 40 puffs. In some cases the smoker may get up to 50 puffs with the E-cig beginner’s kit. Unfortunately at this time the only flavors which are available in the beginner’s kit are tobacco or menthol. The V2 kit is reasonably priced but does not offer a variety of flavors. Kits that contain a variety of flavors are more costly to the user.

The standard smoking kits which would be considered the next level up from the E-cig starter kit can be purchased for about $65.00. These kits give the customer the choice of a manual or automatic battery. Some of the E-cig smoking kits can cost as much as $185.00.

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new concept. However, many people are now using electronic cigarettes after switching from the classic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are said to be safer and less harmful to the body in comparison with regular cigarettes.

Finally, electronic cigarettes may one day dominate the market. Keep in mind no matter what electronic cigarette kit you choose thv2-cigs-coupon-code-kits-15be cartridges will eventually have to be replaced. Cigarette cartridges are available as pre loaded or refillable. Online coupons are available which will give the purchaser up to a 15% savings on their V2 starter kit so don’t miss on this V2 cigs coupon.

The V2 cigarette starter kids can be easily purchased online from a variety of retailers. In addition, customers are more likely to find better deals online when purchasing cigarette starter kits.